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Newbie Guide: Common ZombieMUD Acronyms

Every game has its own mini-language, and ZombieMUD is no exception. Over the years Zombie has adopted its fair share of local slang. Read below to learn exactly what each acronym and alias means in relation to Zombie.



AC   Armour Class. Numeric scale depicting how protective an armour is.
aggro   An aggressive monster.
aog   Armour of God. Paladin spell against evil aligned monsters. Formerly known as PFE.
arch   Any wizard who has reached level 150+ is called an 'arch'. What they say is law. See the helpfile 'Archwizards are always right' for more information.
blaster   One who primarily casts spells to do damage.
booster   One who adds to the stats of other players. IE: Bards.
bot   A player who robots commands. Soon to be a smouldering corpse.
<bound>   Seen when the equipment has been physically bound to the player currently wearing it by a Sorcerer, thus granting more power to the item.
corns   Corn Soldiers. Generally referring to exp done in the Corn Fields.
cornnoob   Someone with great exp worth gained by doing little more than killing mobs in the Corn Fields.
CS   Central Square. Center room of ZombieCity and starting point of most directions given.
current   Current Plaque. List in the plaque room of who has made the most exp this week.
dk   Death knight. A guild of the undead.
eh   Energy Hauberk. Abjurer and Mage protection spell.
ele   Elemental. Referring to the guardian summoned by members of the Druid guild.
eq   Equipment. Either the items themselves, or the act of obtaining them.
ew   Estimate Worth. Cleric spell to show total exp worth and help determine current reinc taxes.
exp   Experience points. AKA: xp, eppe, expaa.
exphighbie   A person with a great deal of experience worth, but is sub-par in his general game knowledge.
explotto   Portal at CS leading to a raffle of EXP.
fam   Familiar. Referring to the guardian summoned by members of the Mage guild.
fig   A member of the Fighter's guild or a castle figurine which can be purchased to protect your castle.
figtype   A player who primarily uses skills and melee to do damage.
frank   Frankenstein. Necromancer's main tanking monster.
fs   Force Shield. Psionicist protection spell.
G   IE: 1g. One gig of experience points. 1,000,000,000.
g---   gasp, gacid, gcold, gelec, gfire, gmag, gpoi, gpsi. Various Abjurer spells whose purpose basicly translate to Greater <damagetype> Invulnerability. Each spell has its own specific name, IE: Winter's Rebuke is GFIRE.
grap   Abjurer spell Greater Physical Invulnerability and its more powerful form, the Ward of Steel. Bastardized from 'greater resistance against physical'.
habo   Harm Body. A cleric spell which can take up to half the target's hp away.
haim   Heal all in mud. Healer spell cast which heals about 100 hp and sp mudwide.
highbie   A person who has a wealth of game knowledge. Does not necessarily mean high exp worth.
hitter   Fighter types who primarily melee and use skills to do damage. Also hitters lists in plaque room.
hospi   Knights Hospitalar. Subguild of Paladins.
hp   Hit Points. Your lifeline in the game.
hpr   Hit Point Regeneration. Referring to how much hp you gain in one tick.
infra   Infravision. The ability to see in the dark.
inqu   Knights Inquisitor. Subguild of Paladins.
is   Inner Strength. Figtype skill which reduces the chance of being stunned.
iw   Iron Will. Abjurer and Psionicist spell boosting resistance against stuns.
keke   Zombie slang, signifying general lameness. Related words: kekex, spedex, pigeo.
kya   Know Your Audience. Bard and Abjurer spell providing information about a living target.
l---   lasp, lacid, lcold, lelec, lfire, lmag, lpoi, lpsi. Various Abjurer spells whose purpose basicly translate to Lesser <damagetype> Invulnerability. Each spell has its own specific name, IE: Rebuke of Ice is LFIRE.
lotto   Channel Lotto. When someone types a message to the wrong channel.
lowbie   A player who's no longer a newbie, but not quite a midbie yet.
lrap   Abjurer spell Lesser Physical Invulnerability and its more powerful form, the Ward of Stone. Bastardized from 'Lesser resistance against physical'.
luci   Lucifer, Prince of Darkness. Currently one of the hardest EQ mobs on the game.
M   IE: 1m. One meg. 1,000,000.
mb   Minimum Bid. Commonly used on sales channel.
mellarnia   The 'Third Continent'. Most recently discovered land in the Zombie World.
midbie   Mid-level player. In general referring to someone with level 60-105. The exact definition depends on the person you speak to.
pb   Power Blast. Mage's main offensive spell.
pc   Psychic Crush. Psionicist's main offensive spell.
pk   Player Killer/Killing.
prot   Protect. IE: 'Prot me.' means 'Cast a protection spell on me.'
protter   One who casts protection spells for the party. IE: Abjurer or Paladin.
qc   Quick Chant. Vital skill for spell casters.
reinc   Reincarnation. Cleric and Necro spell to restart a player's life.
ress   Resurrection. Cleric spell to bring a character back from the dead.
samuslasher   One who slashes with the sword gained from being in the Samurai guild.
slasher   Fighter or Ranger who uses the primary skill Slash.
sop   Shield of Protection.
sp   Spell Points. Your spellcasting mana within the game.
spr   Spell Point Regeneration. Referring to how much sp you gain in one tick.
sr   Stun Resistance. Lesser version of Iron Will.
suffeli   Finnish slang meaning something which is extremely good. Suffeli itself is a finnish candybar.
tank   The one who takes damage for a party.
tf   TinyFugue. A mud client.
tick   The natural regain of hp and sp which comes in chunks called 'ticks'.
tosser   A monster which throws you from the room.
tracker   A monster which will aggressively follow you.
turbo   A monster which has randomly doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled in strength and experience point value.
vine   Etherial Vine. Can be used to summon a player to you. Alternate version is 'summon ghost' for the Cleric version which summons the dead.
visu   Visualize Act. Bard spell which greatly boosts skills or spells.
w:   Wanted. Commonly used on sales channel.
wc   Weapon Class. Numeric scale depicting how powerful a weapon is.
wimpier   A monster which flees from battle.
wiz   Short for 'wizard'. One who no longer plays, but rather works to further develop the game itself.
zmud   Zugg's Mud Client.

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