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How to play

Before you play

If you are not an experienced MUD player it is probably a good idea for you to read up a bit on the newbie guide before you connect to the game. Also if you are very used to playing other MUDs it is probably good to spend a few minutes reading the guides for some helpful tips and tricks.

Connecting to ZombieMUD

MUDs use a standard method of connection called telnet.

Zombiemud's telnet address is, port 3000.

A free telnet application (for windows) is puTTy which can be downloaded from

When connecting with puTTy, be sure to specify a 'telnet' type connection (not SSH), and enter the proper port and domain: 3000.

Once you have connected, the game will guide you with instructions shown on the screen.

Using a client

A MUD client is a telnet application which has functions that makes it easier to play the game. For example it may be possible to bind buttons to actions in the game and write scripts that makes it possible for you to quickly do many MUD actions in a row or react automatically to messages from the game.

These are some of the most common MUD clients:

CMUD (Windows)
MUSHclient (Windows)
TinyFugue (tf) (Windows and Mac)
TinyFugue (tf) (Linux/Unix)

The official ZombieMUD Client:
ZombieMUD Client (For all platforms with Java. ZombieMUD official client is still at early stages. It has javascript scripting possibility though. In future it might contain features which are only available for the official client.)

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