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Player-Created ZombieMUD Pages

Listed below are links to off-site pages about ZombieMUD which have been created by its loyal players. Some are very informative, and some are just good fun. ZombieMUD takes no responsibility for the information you obtain from these pages, be it infinite knowledge, or a set of directions which lead you to your doom. If you have created a Zombie based page and want to be listed here, please send a mud-mail to Endy.

General Information Pages: (in alphabetical order)

» Brewgore's Bard info - A wealth of knowledge regarding the Bards' guild.
» Damogran's Zombie Files - TF trigs, fully updated Reincer files and misc info including a detailed ZombieCity map.
» Conglomo's Zombii page - Trigs, Scripts and Guides
» Dryad's Zombie Pages - Extremely outdated, but a good deal of old area info.
» Endy's Bestestest - A resource for trig messages and other info.
» Hulkur's Zombie Info - Written in tribute to the Estonian Zombiemudders.
» Kadaan's ZombieMUD Stuff - Good info on several guild masteries as well as quest hints.
» Necromancer Guide - Well written, though not recently updated.
» Noose's ZombieMUD Shite - Includes Trigs, a Booth log and an NPC database.
» Psychoza's ZombieMUD Monster Log - List of mob sizes and their dropped EQs.
» Purge's Zombieinfo - Information on guilds and hints for EQ monsters.
» Telmu Telnet Client - Mud from your PHONE! A handy-dandy telnet/mud client for Nokia 6600/7610/6680 phones, created by Belabour and Leper themselves.
» Wald's Areas - A list of small expmob areas for newbies.
» zBay - Incubus' searchable boothlist.
» Zombie - Zamorra's old EQ list.
» ZombieMUD Outworld Map - Complete map of the outworld with areas, by Dubbeltje.

A few Mud Clients:

» TinyFugue
» Cmud
» WinTF

Humour, Logfiles, Link Archives and Misc:

» ZombieMUD IRC - Hosts a collection of photos of ZombieMUD players. (In Finnish)
» ZombieMUD's SETI Team - Intelligent life's gotta be out there... Somewhere...
» Pujo's ZombieMUD Links - A collection of obscure links related to the game.
» A Feline Obsession - Some great, yet ancient, quotes.
» Amroth Irmusc - More quotes, and a log of the Plaque from 1996 :)
» Breath's Anti-Info Page - EHEHEHEHHEHE...
» Zombie Stuff Shop - Ever wanted a Zombie thong? Here's your big chance.
» MudConnector - Zombie's Info page. Feel free to vote or post a review.
» Wikipedia - Contribute freely, and please remember to honour the integrity of the Wiki.

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