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Welcome to our World...

ZombieMUD is a MUD (multi-user dungeon), a text-based free online role playing game.

Online since 1994, ZombieMUD is based on a hand crafted,
unique medieval fantasy environment with complete freedom of choice.

Play now or read our Newbie guide. For more in-depth details about ZombieMUD see the General information page.

Chosen Mud of the Month, February 2006
First place at MPS, December 2006

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 Recent Updates to the Game:

May 09 by Esoteric Necromancer minions should follow their masters more reliably than before. Please report any glitches to me.
May 01 by Esoteric The maximum amount of gold that can be carried in inventory or stored at the bank is 21 million. Previously the bank had observed these limits when depositing or transferring money, but not when withdrawing money - an oversight that made it possible for players to withdraw too much money, wrapping into negative gold. This has now been fixed, hopefully. Report any bugs to me.
Mar 15 by Esoteric A new help file 'talking to wizards' has been added, laying out some guidelines for asking questions, reporting bugs, proposing ideas and requesting help from wizzes.
Mar 15 by Esoteric The 'reimbursement' help file has been updated to reflect something closer to the real policy of the current admin.
Mar 13 by Esoteric A player's rank in the church of his or her current god will now affect the frequency and strength of divine blesses, even if the player is not a cleric. Clerics still get a larger bonus from church rank than non-clerics.
Mar 12 by Esoteric The spell "power blast" has been recoded. The maximum potential damage and damage-to-cost ratio of the spell were increased. Damage and ratio, however, are inversely proportionate to consistency of damage type. By selectively training smaller offensive spells from the subguild, a mage can sacrifice some of the spell's overall power for more reliable pref damage. The master magicians sub has gained a number of new skills that can be trained to enhance or control the damage done.
Mar 12 by Esoteric The master magicians subguild has gained a skill, "microclasm."
Mar 12 by Esoteric The spell "headache" is now trainable in the mage guild.
Mar 10 by Esoteric The spell summon phantom beast is now faster and cheaper to cast.
Mar 09 by Esoteric Area spells cast by players now lose less of their damage when hitting additional targets. This change does not apply to area spells cast by monsters.
Mar 09 by Esoteric Psionicists' psiswords have been uptuned, reaching higher stats with better masteries. They also provide some SP and HP regen, dependent on spell percent, guild level and mastery. At higher strengths, their special abilities will charge faster as well.

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