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Welcome to our World...

ZombieMUD is a MUD (multi-user dungeon), a text-based free online role playing game.

Online since 1994, ZombieMUD is based on a hand crafted,
unique medieval fantasy environment with complete freedom of choice.

Play now or read our Newbie guide. For more in-depth details about ZombieMUD see the General information page.

Chosen Mud of the Month, February 2006
First place at MPS, December 2006

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 Recent Updates to the Game:

Jan 20 by Esoteric Increased mastery-related bonuses given to channel life and banish undead. These changes primarily benefit Silvain and Aquaris clerics.
Jan 20 by Esoteric Eliminated a bug in harm body that prevented high ranking Teros clerics from enjoying certain intended mastery bonuses, and generally made the spell more effective at high mastery for Teros, Kirvana, Mordiggian and Xellios clerics. Xellios clerics get less of a damage bonus but cast faster and more efficiently. The others should notice improvements to damage and efficiency.
Jan 13 by Monte Server crash: backups restored from Jan 12 22:31 EET.
Jan 10 by Esoteric Player killing has always been a part of the game. But since the adoption of the "player wars" helpfile in 2003, the prevailing view of the Archwizards has been that gratuitous player killing is damaging to the game, its player base and its longevity. The rules were amended in 2006 to add Rule 9, which permits wizards to punish players who "systematically search for reasons to visit damage to other mortals and players." The view of the current administration is that these rules, including Rule 9, should be consistently and uniformly enforced. Players should expect to be punished if they habitually grief, harass or kill other players without provocation, even if their acts toward any single player would constitute only a minor offense. To date only one player has been punished under this rule, after receiving multiple warnings to change his behavior. A new Rule 10 has been added to the "player wars" help file, reminding players that Archwizards may choose how to punish a player, using unconventional methods if they wish.
Jan 09 by Jessica Filling the Wolfman storage tent is no longer a 10+ hour affair, as players not actively playing the race won't contribute to its maximum size.
Jan 08 by Esoteric The Gaug invasion runs more than twice as fast now.
Jan 07 by Esoteric When putting, dropping, getting or selling items to/from a floating disc, it is no longer necessary to specify the number of the disc. The syntaxes "from disc" and "to disc" will automatically find the user's disc, if there is one present in the room. Shops will update at reboot, other changes are effective immediately, though you may need to resummon your disc. Report bugs to me.
Jan 06 by Esoteric Several players have reported issues receiving explore credit for random rooms in areas they have already explored. The cause of this problem has been identified and hopefully fixed. Please notify me if you continue to experience issues.
Jan 05 by Esoteric A certain traveling salesman will now carry some new valuables on his person.
Jan 05 by Esoteric Psychoza wins the race to banishment by getting caught multiplaying barely a month after rewizzing, with bonus points awarded for making outlandish excuses to cover his tracks. Record previously held by Qase. Psychoza's prize is dewizzing, a ban for the remainder of his minimum one-year term as wizard, and a 50% xp reduction. Also banished his five secondary characters.
Dec 28 by Esoteric While death knights will not benefit from training in 'steady metabolism,' advanced death knights have gained the skill 'ferment unlife,' which has comparable effects. Player who train this skill may need to quit and re-enter to notice any benefit.

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