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Welcome to our World...

ZombieMUD is a MUD (multi-user dungeon), a text-based free online role playing game.

Online since 1994, ZombieMUD is based on a hand crafted,
unique medieval fantasy environment with complete freedom of choice.

Play now or read our Newbie guide. For more in-depth details about ZombieMUD see the General information page.

Chosen Mud of the Month, February 2006
First place at MPS, December 2006

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 Recent Updates to the Game:

Jan 30 by Monte The special properties of 'The transparent cloak of water' were upgraded to match the advertisement.
Jan 27 by Monte New helpfile added: 'reporting bugs'.
Jan 17 by Monte You can now withdraw an amount of money in some other type than gold in either of the banks ('help money' for known types). You can also deposit only a given type of money from your inventory.
Jan 13 by Monte Fatigue will no longer be applied twice to melee damage (Effective after quit + relogin). Also, in some rare cases monsters were incorrectly affected by fatigue, causing them to deal next to no damage at all. This was also fixed.
Jan 08 by Monte You can now see a proper map when flying in the outworld.
Jan 06 by Monte When a bag of holding is destroyed, its owner's carried weight is updated properly (and any items the owner could not carry, are dropped into the room).
Jan 06 by Monte Spells 'feather weight' and 'wild goose' now work on piles of money.
Jan 06 by Monte Resolved a few money-related issues: 1) money has a proper weight now, even when it's on the ground or in a container (commands 'put', 'get', 'drop', and 'give' will act accordingly), 2) piles of money on the ground or in a container will not merge if the result would be a negative amount of money, 3) bags of holding no longer start losing their capacity as money is moved in and out, 4) as an added cosmetic bonus, you should no longer see any dummy piles in your inventory briefly after picking up money. Unless: 5) When already carrying 20M or more gold, any additional money received will be left in the inventory as a pile of money (in which case they are not dummy piles but real piles). 6) Money was not meant to be stored into a chest and if you tried anyway, any amount stored would transform into a single coin. Therefore, you can no longer even try.
Jan 02 by Monte The damage of criticals scored with Magus Artiste's spells is now considerably more random, and lower in general.
Jan 02 by Monte Slightly increased the base damage of 'throw' and the bonus gained from dexterity, as well as the chance of scoring a critical hit.
Jan 01 by Monte New characters now save properly even if quit has not been executed yet (ie. will not be locked out or disappear). Any further problems/issues with login should be reported to me directly.

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