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Command: who

Who command will show all current players. You can specify by typing
the following arguments:

who guild <guild>     - Shows only members of this guild
who guild <Guild>     - Shows only primary members (ie: who Cleric)
who race <race>       - Shows only members of that race
who mortal            - Shows all mortals logged in
who wiz               - Shows all wizards logged in
who pk                - Shows all player killers
who were              - Shows current players with werecurse
who undead            - Shows all undead players
who party             - Shows all players that lead a party
who min <level>       - Shows all players that level or below
who max <level>       - Shows all players that level or above
who idle              - Shows all idle players logged in
who unidle            - Shows all unidle players logged in
who lfg               - Shows all players looking for a group
who ld                - Shows all linkdead players
who short             - Shows short list of all players logged in
who long              - Shows long list of all players logged in
who level             - Shows a sorted list by level
who name              - Shows a sorted list by name
who hitter            - Shows only hitter type of classes
who blaster           - Shows only blaster type of classes
who support           - Shows only supporting classes

arguments: (guild) (race) [mortal] [wiz] [pk] [were] [min <level>] [party]
	   [lfg] [max <level>] [idle] [unidle] [ld] [short] [long] [level] 
	   [name] [hitter] [blaster] [support]
The arguments may be combined to produce more specific output. For
example: who wiz short unidle min 100

See also 'finger'.

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