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Command: tell
First argument: a player name, clan, or list of names separated by commas
Second argument: a message

Send a message to a specific player or players (location is not relevant).

You can tell to your friends and enemies.
You can tell messages to players connected via Imud.
You can tell all the members of a clan something.
You can mix and match all of these possibilities.

For example: tell dranil hi!
             tell leper,belabour I am going to murder you both
             tell katiria,dubbeltje,troops Expaa? Drag me plz? Plz plz!?
             tell miukkali,qurp@bat,friends,enemies,clan:Foundation Hewlow :)
If you have been sent a multi-tell, you can either use the 'reply' command,
or 'tell ** blah' to reply to it.

Tells can also be sent to those players who are link-dead or offline, which
they will receive upon their next login to the game. Only tells directed
specifically towards one player will be saved and re-sent in this way.

To see what has been told to you already, type 'last tell'.

See also 'say', 'sayto', 'shout', 'emoteto', 'ptell'.

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