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Help Spell casting

 Casting a spell:
  cast 'spell' [target] [try very quick/quick/slow/very slow]
  cast spell [at target] [try very quick/quick/slow/very slow]
  cast mirror image at yaga / These two syntaxes
  cast 'mirror image' yaga  \ have the same effect
  cast 'killing cloud' snake try very slow
  cast 'magic missile' try very quick
  cast 'teleport with error' / These two also have 
  cast teleport with error   \ the same effect
When engaged in combat, if you do not specify a target for a spell, your 
current attacker will be used by default.
To get a list of all spells currently in the game type 'all'.
To get help on a particular spell use:
  help spell <spellname>
  examples: help spell magic missile, help spell light
Your chance of successfully casting the spell depends on your knowledge 
(percent) in that spell, int/wis, level and the speed you are trying to
cast the spell. Quicker spellcasting causes the spells fail more.

Spell damage depends on the spell, but is often modified by your int/wis 
and level.
Each spell takes a certain amount of mana, or spell points. After a 
player uses a spell he takes a certain amount of time to regenerate his 
spell points.  Each 'tick', which happens about once every minute, a 
player receives a certain amount of hit points and spell points back,
depending on his items, race, and guilds.
 Damage types:
For attack spells, damage type shows which type of damage is done.  
Certain monsters may take less damage from some damage types.  For 
example, a Fire Giant may resist fire damage, while a an Ice Elemental 
may resist cold damage.  Each attack spell has a specific damage type.  
The possible damage types are as follows: physical, fire, cold, psionic, 
magical, poison, asphyxiation, acid and electric.
 Casting time:
Each spell takes a certain amount of rounds to have effect once you have 
begun concentrating on the spell (although, knowledge in the quick chant 
skill has been known to speed things up a bit).  You may perform most 
actions without interrupting the spell, however, moving or interrupting 
it with a new skill/spell will interfere with the casting.  For each 
round a spell takes all monsters and players in the room have a chance 
to start casting a spell, get their attacks in, and flee.

To abort the casting of a spell, simply type 'cast stop'.

See also 'try', 'kill'.

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