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Command: skills
Arguments: [-f<pattern>] [-g<guild>] [-e]

Shows a list of all skills you have studied this reinc.

Availible Flags:
        -fp : Match pattern p
        -gp : Match base guild p
        -e  : Don't truncate skill names.  More useful for spells than skills.

  (shows your skills)

 skills -gdruid
  (shows your skills from the druid guild)

 skills -fpower
  (Shows all skills that match the regex pattern 'power').

Arguments can be combined:
 skills -granger -flore -gcleric -animal
  (Shows all of your skills that match both patterns 'lore' and 
   'animal' that are in either the ranger or cleric guild).

Note that multiple -g flags are evaluated with an OR while
 -f flags are evaluated with an AND. Ie Ranger OR Cleric,
 but 'lore' AND 'animal'.

Skills are used with the command 'use'. The basic syntax for using a 
skill works much like with spellcraft and is as follows:

           use skillname at target
           use 'skillname' target

See also 'spells', 'use', 'spellcasting', 'regexp'.

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