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Command: set
Arguments: (variable) (value)

This command allows you to set values for different variables. Without any
arguments it shows all variables and their values.


  o autoloot
    - When a monster dies this option makes the player automatically loot
      the corpse. Available modes are 'off', which does not activate looting,
      'own', which loots only corpses that the player participated in killing,
      and 'always', which activates looting every time a monster dies.
  o bell_only_friends
    - When this is set on, only people on your friends list may 'bell' you.
  o channel_emote_str
    - Set the string that must be entered before emotes on channels. The
      default str for this is ':' and this means you could use emotes on
      channels like 'mud :smirk'.
  o channel_history_size
    - Your channel history size.
  o color_exits
    - Sets a custom color for the exits of a room. Set color to 0 to return to
      the default. Requires term ansi+.
      Notice: This is option is not yet supported.
  o color_item
    - Sets a custom color for items in a room. Set color to 0 to return to the
      default. Requires term ansi+.
  o color_map
    - Sets whether you have color maps on the outworld map.
  o color_monster
    - Sets a custom color for monsters in the room. Set color to 0 to return to
      the default. Requires term ansi+.
  o color_player
    - Sets a custom color for players in the room. Set color to 0 to return to
      the default. Requires term ansi+.
  o delimiter
    - Sets your command delimiter. 1-4 characters, no alphanumerics.
      Set delimiter to 'none' to clear.
  o disable_haste
    - For players that have spell haste wishes, toggles those wishes off
      temporarily, allowing for spells to be timed more predictably. Haste
      wishes can be reactivated by setting this variable 'off'.
  o email
    - Your personal email address.
  o friends_option
    - Sets whether or not you wish to use friends or friends2 as default.
  o history_size
    - Your command history size.
  o inform_friends
    - When this is turned on, you will only see information about your
      friends and enemies on 'inform' channel.
  o ignore_bards
    - If this is set to 'on', most bardspam will be filtered out mudside.
      This includes bard's singing as well as boosts and debuff spam.
  o ignore_cruoris
    - If set 'on' the kill informs of Cruoris Divinae will be filtered out.
  o keepalive
    - Sends keepalive message to player. Value means how many minutes
      there are between keepalive message. With value 0 this is disabled.
  o kills_inform
    - Toggles top10 solo and partykill messages on and off.
  o map_radius
    - Sets the default radius of the outworld map. 
      Range: 1-25. Note that the unassisted maximum radius is 15.
  o nomore
    - No-more flag. If it is enabled, all more-prompts are disabled for you.
  o partywho
    - Sets the default minimum number of people in a party you wish to see
      when you type 'party who'.
  o report_fatigue
    - Reports your fatigue when it changes.
  o sc_interval
    - The frequency at which regeneration of sp and hp is reported.
      Values accepted: 1-15 (1 being every tick, 2 every second, 3 every third,
      and so on).
  o score
    - Sets which of the three score options you wish to use.
  o screen_width
    - This option is mainly for mobile users with small screens.
      If the value is less than 79, mud adds linefeeds to lines which
      exceed the screen_width value. Not all lines are wrapped though.
  o see_own_tells
    - If you want to see your own tells in 'last tell' command, use this.
  o tell_history_size
    - Your tell history size.
  o term
    - Sets the terminal colour option for you.
  o terminal_lines
    - Your terminal lines.
  o timezone
    - Sets your timezone.
  o unsafe_prayer
    - If this is set to 'on', the prayer skill won't move you to the church.
  o use_goahead
    - If this is set to 'on', GOAHEAD (IAC + GA) will be sent after every
      prompt. This will make prompts a lot faster for tinyfugue users. It is
      also recommended to put "/lp off" when using this feature. Do 
      "/help lp" in tinyfugue for more information.
  o vote_notify
    - Sets up a daily reminder to vote for us at
      Options are 1-24, and an alarm will sound upon the chosen hour.
      To turn the notification off, set it to 'off'.  You can also set it to
      'login' or 'leaving' when the alarm will come either just before
      quit hits, or soon after logging in.

  Valid colors for 'exits', 'items', 'monsters', and 'players' :
    bold blue, bold cyan, bold green, bold magenta, bold red, bold yellow,
    bold white, blue, cyan, green, magenta, yellow, red, white

See also 'score', 'term', 'friends', 'email'.

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