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Command:      score
Arguments:    <no arguments>

  With score-command, you can see the abilities, the guilds and other
attributes that are related to your character. There are many different
qualities shown, that are briefly described below:

  Guilds:     Shows the guilds and the related subguilds that your character
              has joined. The 'tags' following the guild name may show for
              example how many levels you have of that guild, the type of 
              guild (primary, secondary, tertiary or subguild) and the 
              current guild leader. It also shows you your current level and
              possible free levels that allow you advance in your guilds.
  Attributes: Shows the statistics that affect your character. There are
              many types of characteristics which have an impact on the
              skills, spells, and in general anything your character is
              capable of doing.

  Other:      There are many abilities and earthly matters, which do not
              have a direct effect on your character as an adventurer, nor
              are related to the gameplay itself, such as money and amount of
              Task Points. Using this command you will see more or less of
              this kind of information, depending on the type of score you
              decide to use.
  There are three different types of score-command. They can be
changed with 'set score <type>'-command. The types are:

  new:        This is the most informative of all types.
  compact:    Using this mode, the information about your character will be 
              represented in more compact (and maybe less clear) form.
  old:        The old, traditional score type. This is the default type.

See also 'exp', 'sc', 'stats', 'set'.

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