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Command: kill
Argument: a living target
This command will begin a battle between you and a monster or player
simply by typing 'kill <target>'.

'Kill all' attacks all players and monsters in the room, of whose presence
you are aware, and who you could otherwise attack (not members of the same
party, etc.). 

'Kill all <type>' attacks all players and monsters in the same room, who
can be targeted by this message. For example, 'kill all gatekeeper' in a 
room with you, another player, 2 gatekeepers and 1 squirrel, would only
attack the two gatekeepers. 'Kill all human' would attack the gatekeepers
and the other player, if they are all humans.

It is possible to run away from a fight.  If you catch up with a fleeing
person, you will get one melee attack for free.  
See also 'stop', 'battle'.

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